Help Desk

What is it about

Troubleshooting, literally “elimination of the problem”, is a process in which the identification of a problem is followed by effective remedial actions.

This is a key process to bring the firm close to the customers ensuring effective support and constant, increasing quality of your services.

How does it works

There are two level of help desk supports, called “first” and “second” level.

In the first case the operator acts in person guiding the user through a procedure “in steps”. The procedure enables the identification of the issue and the simultaneous investigation of his cause towards the eventual solution.

In the second case the operator will escalate the task to a “second level” for a team of specialists who will analyze in deep the query and find the most suitable remediation.

Why this is our strength

Our experienced operators are fully qualified to manage the customer queries with professionalism and competence, providing instant assistance for the right solution.

We work with a precise trouble ticket system, monitoring customer requests in real time, handling the issue with the know how of our technicians and specialists.

Other services

We invest in quality in order to be for our customers a quality investment. Discover the outbound services for businesses!

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