Terms and conditions

1. These general conditions as supplemented by specific conditions may be laid down in the order confirmation and / or in the letter agreement govern in all respects the relationship between Fiber shpk and the CUSTOMER. They are meant to prevail over any other text regulations or conditions particularly therein including any general conditions of purchase adopted by the CUSTOMER and the like.

2. The delivery terms on behalf of Fiber shpk are purely indicative and not binding. If delivery is to delay more than 30 (thirty) days from the date specified by Fiber shpk both parties will be entitled to terminate the contract without any right to compensation or otherwise, except the pure return of any advance. Once available at the warehouse Fiber shpk the products must be withdrawn on the expense and risk of the Client within 5 (five) days, after which it will automatically apply pressure on the client for a compensation for the delay.

3. The fee payable to Fiber shpk is indicated in the order confirmation or in the letter agreement. Failing to apply the rates resulting from the price list in force on the date of delivery. In any case, the fee means “warehouse Fiber shpk”, net of transport costs, packaging, taxes.

4. Fiber shpk reserves the right, to improve its cash flow and maintaining the payment granted to use the channelling of credit resulting from the sales document, from any of our banking institutions. The same will be with send documentation certifying this channelling.

5. The products are considered received and accepted ex factory Fiber shpk. Unless otherwise agreed, the products are sold under constraint of title in favour of Fiber shpk, until full payment of the consideration. In any case all risks pass to the CUSTOMER in chief at the time of delivery at the warehouse Fiber shpk.

6. Any complaints relating to products sold must be formalised subject to revocation no later than 8 (eight) days from the date of delivery of the good to the CUSTOMER. The complaint must contain the precise indication of the product with reference to the document and the bill and description of the defect found. Upon receipt of the complaint Fiber shpk reserves its determinations of the case, since as of now understood that in no case will give the course returning products unless expressly disposal of Fiber shpk. When returning the product must be perfectly intact in their original packaging; the CUSTOMER must bear the cost of shipping at Fiber shpk except redemption if the defect reported is actually found. It ‘is understood that the complaint of a defect and / or authorisation to return not justify in any way the suspension or postponement of payments due.

7. The products are sold with the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Fiber shpk remains solely responsible for the free replacement of defective parts. The guarantee in question remains conditioned to the proper use of the products by the CUSTOMER in strict compliance with the instructions and manufacturer’s specifications. Fiber shpk does not guarantee the efficiency and utility of the products for the use of the CUSTOMER. Anyway Fiber shpk is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss of profit the deterioration or loss of data or other damage caused to the Client or third parties.

8. The software commercialised by Fiber shpk is regulated by the claims of the manufacturer or of the author and the applicable laws. Normally the CUSTOMER is guaranteed only a license to use with absolute ban to sell it to third parties rent it dispose of it in any way. The CUSTOMER also agrees to make no changes and produce copies beyond what is allowed by law.

9. The order, any order confirmation and / or letter of the contract are not in any case revoked, in whole or in part, by the CUSTOMER that is still held to the exact fulfillment of the agreed upon therein. The consideration paid Fiber shpk should be adjusted, in accordance with regulations in force, in cash or by bank transfer or bank draft, in any case, meaning that payments must take place at the headquarters of Fiber shpk. Any delay in payment agreed legitimate Fiber shpk the immediate suspension of any performance against the CLIENT, also with reference to benefits which arise from other agreement or contract fulfilled by the CUSTOMER. Fiber shpk will also be entitled to declare the contract terminated automatically, with automatic expiration of the entire loan owed by the CUSTOMER, which therefore will be considered in all respects as immediately and fully payable, subject to the right to demand the immediate return of the products . Subject to the foregoing, the delay in payment will result in the automatic increase of credit default interest at the legal rate increased by 5%.

10. The authority to resolve any disputes between the CUSTOMER and Fiber shpk is devolved to the Judicial Authority

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