What is it about

– Posting or issuing invoices;

– Keeping records of the firm financial cashflows;

– Maintaining the general ledger including A&P & A&R of the firm.

How does it work

Timely and accurate book keeping and invoicing have a significant impact on the workload of the Finance & Administrations departments.

As this critical process may not give your company a competitive advantage, it is the ideal activity to be outsourced as resources needed for a full-fledged A/R & A/P function may not justify its benefits.

Why this is our strength

In FIBER we focus on timeliness and accuracy systematically complying with the local Regulation and the expected level of Data Confidentiality.

We are capable of processing complex and work intense processes with the aim to go beyond your clients and suppliers expectations.

Other services

We invest in quality in order to be for our customers a quality investment. Discover the inbound services for businesses!