Why Albania


Region: Europe

Population: 3,162,083

Albania is one of Europe’s major outsourcing destinations.

Excellent technical infrastructure, a young, economical, and highly skilled workforce, English competence, compatible legislation, low operating costs and excellent accessibility are among the benefits to be considered when looking at Albania’s competitive strengths and contribution to the country’s attractiveness for new or existing outsourced services.

Our strengths are:

  • Geographic – Proximity or Traveling Convenience with just 2hrs flight from UK
  • Temporal (time zone) – Only 1hr difference with UK
  • Cultural – Qualified resources with an aptitude to problem solving
  • Competence – Horizontal and Vertical Competence
  • Language - Language proficiency in English and other major languages
  • Economic & Political – Harmonised Legislation aligned with the European legislations
  • Market Characteristics - Affordability
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